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Art and Celebrities 

Many celebrities appreciate art and as an artist you may desire to use them as your muse. Some benefits are that they are well known and they have a large following therefore people can easily recognize the art and you can gain some exposure. 

I happened to meet @mannymua in New York at Sephora on 34th street doing a Yves Saint Laurent promo for their beauty line. 

As an artist you have to decide whether you will give the art away or keep it. He asked for it so I gave it to him. The choice is yours. It took me about 30minutes to complete the painting.

Other celebrities I have painted were Jessica White , a supermodel, in which she retweeted. If you can’t meet any celebrities you can use social media to reach out to them.


Painting NYC

In NYC there are a million things to paint. Subways, people, beaches, and more. Decide if you want to paint live or from photography or a mixture of the two.

You can plan a day at the beach and bring your supplies. And paint the waves. The summer time is beautiful. In fact, that what my next painting will be, so check out my new posts.

This is a painting I did this week, check out my post Impressionism vs abstract art. Here

Creating an Art Series

Many artist create hundreds of totally random works of art but others choose to create a series of work.

(Definition) Series: a number of usually similar things done, produced etc one after another.

For example an artist might create a series of Dogs, instead of dogs, cats, and elephants. That way the work can be specific and more in depth, the series can get even more focused to a specific breed of dog and dog color. This helps artists to explore different ideas on one topic, and relate to their audience. An audience is more likely to follow you if they can understand where your art is coming from, instead of just a pile of work that is all over the place.

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