Having an Art Show

when you want to have an art so make sure you prepare a couple weeks or months before because you don’t want to be rushing the day of the show. To begin you should have a list of your artwork that you plan to put in your show.

Having them labeled or make it easier for you to keep track of what you sold and see how much you made. You can have 5 or 500 pieces shown if you have the space make sure you set up a couple hours before the show before people get there.

It’s helpful to wear a name badge because many customers look to ask the artist questions especially if you’re with other people in the booth it’s hard for them to know who the artist is unless you have a photo.

You can display art and art bins are panels tables which ever is best for your type of art. To make my art panels I bought two screen doors from Home Depot and some felts I’ll see you staplegun and pliers. Then I also bought fabric cloth and stapled it to the screen door afterwards I put the felt on top and they came out great.

If you going to do a lot of art shows make sure you also have transportation to carry all your materials so your art show will be successful. 



About Janelle Dey art

My name is Janelle Dey, art has been my talent. I create paintings in oil and acrylic. My art is my hobby but will be starting up a business soon. I give life through art and live in one of the biggest cities in the world, New York.

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